Useful Tips

Getting the Composition Right!

Getting the right composition is crucial for a great photo. Photographers tend to make some common composition mistakes. We will list down a few- *Do not have two subjects side by side like a person and an interesting object it creates an eyeball confusion. The focus should be on a single subject. * When your photograph has the subject on one side, have them look into the frame and not out. The former balances the composition while the latter divides the frame. * Avoid having anything in the background draw line through the subject and the scene instead use them guide the viewer to the subject. Please follow and like us:


Kora Daily Backpack Review

Today photographers have so many options when it comes to camera bags. From generic knockoffs to designer stuff there is a bag for your camera, accessories, and lens. However, the options are limited when you want to carry your camera along with other items-a water bottle, a raincoat, a laptop or books. The Kora Daily Backpack was created to carry your camera gear and other stuff that might be needed. The canvas is waterproof and comes in black and grey colour. It is sturdy and can take a heavy load. The backpack has 4 access points which are really useful. I had put the bag to a test on my recent trip to Europe. I stuffed it with loads of items, made it stand in the rain and was still able to access my gear and take photos. It is pricey at $200 but worth it! Please follow and like us: